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River City Roll Campaign

PROBLEM: River City Roll is one of the freshest “eater-tainments” in the Scott’s Addition section of Richmond. They offer an unique bowling experience, great food, a night club vibe, a dog friendly patio, and it sits in a hub. But… they failed to show/prove this in their overall online presence. River City’s social media images lacked human presence, and truly what they have to offer because it is more than just bowling. Their branding gave off that they were an exclusive spot, while their competition had fun and welcoming presences online.

TARGET: Young Professionals in the Scott’s Addition area who want to escape their everyday stuffy life and feel like a kid again.

SOLUTION: Make river city roll a place where adults can leave behind all their responsibilities of the work day and help them be able to enjoy feeling like a kid again.

CONCEPT: The Night is Too Young to Act Old

Promo Video for Social

Print Ads- social media spots and billboards around the Scott’s Addition area


TikTok Campaign- #RiverCityRollWithUs, On TikTok it is so easy to make a new dance trend, and everyone will want to try it out! This trend brings back a youthful spirit that River City Roll currently lacks and will increase brand awareness through the hashtag.


Micheal Bradican (Copywriter, )

Sydney Reid (Strategist, )

Treyvon Thomas (Strategist)

Cielle Dullas (Art Director,

Mandy Aste (Art Director)

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